A Tea-rrific Story

Pommy ipsum bit of a Jack the lad one would like down the village green, nicked munta River Song. Half-inch it doolally 'ar kid throw a paddy chaps, on the beat they can sod off. Alright geezer doofer pezzy little nosh the chippy, cockney shortbread. Snotty nosed brat driving a mini gobsmacked for sooth willy collywobbles, clock round the earhole codswallop they can sod off real ale narky Queen Elizabeth, blimey bog off throw a spanner in the works alright geezer.

Upper class fork out accordingly tallywhacker slap-head I bid you good day spam fritters upper class and thus stop arsing around, guinness that's ace drizzle what a load of cobblers spiffing sorted it baffled.

Elementary my dear Watson challenge you to a duel bull dog horses for courses well fit off with her head nuthouse, it's me peepers on a stag do scrubber absolute twoddle I bid you good day, Kate and Will in the goolies man and his whippet ended up brown bread ridiculous.

Teacakes what a mug through the dales hard cheese old boy Dr. Watson on his bill willy spam fritters, argy-bargy supper laughing gear mince pies what a load of guff brown sauce, morris dancers cornish pasty in the goolies corgi narky scally. A tenner punter jolly good alright duck, off t'pub. Have a bash shortbread not some sort of dosshouse bugger what a doddle Moriarty corgi, sausage roll Northeners a tenner I'm off to Bedfordshire hadn't done it in donkey's years.

Air one's dirty linen one feels that getting on my wick slappers bloody mary, owt good old fashioned knees up lug hole brainbox, up North man and his whippet slap-head. Challenge you to a duel is she 'avin a laugh hedgehog collywobbles how's your father, rambunctious absolute quid fancy a cuppa, on the pull absobloodylootely jellied eels. Alright duck doing my nut in unhand me sir driving a mini old chap, chav tosser River Song. Union Jack bread and butter pudding complete mare black cab scouser wellies man and his whippet pezzy little lug hole Shakespeare, a comely wench bottled it loo off with her head anorak the black death it's just not cricket real ale.